Anvil Centre Office Tower

Large and efficient floor plates result in a more economical office solution with office floors ranging from 15,500 to 20,000 square feet.
Building Systems and Facilities

Anvil Centre Office Tower offers truly a first class office environment. In the design of the building, the selection of building materials, and in the selection of building systems, the focus was to create comfortable office spaces.

The volumetric lighting fixtures provide indirect lighting of all office space, whereby the source of the lighting (the lamps) is concealed, and the light is diffused. These fixtures provide for better light distribution and greater energy efficiency. Lights are controlled by room switches (or occupancy sensors) in all rooms and offices for greater individual control.
Heating and cooling is provided by a four-pipe fancoil system that can provide cooling and heating at the same time. A large number of units are located on each floor, allowing for multiple zones per floor, each controlled with its own thermostat. The fancoils do not have compressors, and thus are very quiet. The system can provide cooling to a large meeting room, while, at the same time, heating an adjacent single occupant office.
High performance exterior glass keeps the heat outside, while allowing visible light to penetrate deeply into the office space. Roll up window shades provide further control over light conditions.
Card access systems provide key-less entry to all common areas and facilities. Closed circuit TV provides additional surveillance of all common areas of the building.
Oversized elevators provide for a fast and comfortable ride to each floor. The elevators are modern overhead traction elevators with the motors located in the hoistways.
Spacious washroom facilities feature ample capacity, modern touch-free fixtures, and high end finishing materials.
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